FAUNA – Inside the secret world of animals NEET UG (New Pattern)

Gold standard for NEET UG –FAUNA encompassing their structure and function. NEET UG candidates must grasp the intricacies of animals life, from the cellular level to the complexities of it. Our comprehensive book delves into the fascinating realms of animal kingdom, cells, tissues, cell cycles and 11 major organ systems of human body – respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, nervous, endocrine and reproductive as well as human health and microbes. Each chapter is a meticulously crafted guide enriched with detailed explanations, vibrant illustrations, and targeted practice questions, ensuring you master the essential concepts for success in the NEET UG examination. Book Includes high-quality images, original illustrations, tables & flowcharts which helps you to understand concepts in-depth followed by new patterns in NEET UG.


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