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• 3000 MCQs + 37 Year PYQ
• Revision
• Detailed Performance Analysis
• Mentorship (MBBS students)
• Classes starting from (2 June – 29 Dec) 2024

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Chapter covered :


1. The living world

2. Biological classification

3. Plant kingdom

4. Animal kingdom

5. Morphology of flowering plants

6. Anatomy in flowering plants

7. Structural organisation in animals

8. Cell the unit of life

9. Biomolecules

10. Cell cyle and division

11. Photosynthesis in higher plants

12. Respiration in plants

13. Plant growth and development

14. Breathing and exchange of gases

15. Body fluids and circulation

16. Excretory products and their elimination

17. Locomotion and movement

18. Neural control and coordination

19. Chemical coordination and integration

20. Some basic principles and techniques

21. Hydrocarbon

22. Haloalkanes and haloarenes

23. Alcohols, Phenols & ethers

24. Aldehydes, ketones & carboxylic acid

25. Amines

26. Biomolecules

27. Practical chemistry

24 reviews for ELITE Plan [50 seats left]

  1. Aman Agrawal

    Aman Agrawal

    “I came across a lecture by shopncert in youtube and the topic became clear, and the next day I decided to take up a subscription and currently attending live classes”

  2. Raj Aryan

    Raj Aryan

    “Many times, you know the topic, but somehow you’re not able to apply it in a question. So understanding concepts and approach to solve questions, gave me that extra edge because then you know how to apply and navigate when a question like that appears in the NEET UG.”

  3. Neha Gupta

    Neha Gupta

    “The explanations given in the live classes are really good. Even if you haven’t read the topic thoroughly, solving questions can give you a good perspective and understanding of the subject.”

  4. Ashok Bhagat

    Ashok Bhagat

    “I used to find remembering tough and disliked the subject, but in class 12, I got to know about shopncert and that’s when I really started to love and understand.”

  5. Ananya Aman

    Ananya Aman

    “To identify and improve on my weaker subjects, I took ncert early on. In the final two weeks of preparation, I revised the PYQs of all subjects along with my concise notes 4.0 of shopncert.”

  6. Nisha  Patwari 

    Nisha  Patwari 

    “I attempted live classes of shopncert and got custom notes. I was able to thoroughly solve most of the questions and felt prepared.”

  7. Prashant Kumar Jha

    Prashant Kumar Jha

    “shopncert notes engance the memory vision and hence easy to recall, overall very helpful in revisions” Recommended!

  8. Ramit Mandal

    Ramit Mandal

    “Easy language, flow charts, coloured diagram, graphs, point wise arrangement of theory without continuity breaking, help in creating photographic memory”

  9. Harsh Kumar Patel

    Harsh Kumar Patel

    “It is a good alternative if you find NCERT textbook too boring or hard to read and understand. This shopncert notes 4.0 will make NCERT reading easy and retainable. Good for aspirants preparing for NEET UG”

  10. Ankit Singh

    Ankit Singh

    “Great and genuine. Active recall and chanting lines helped me in last minute revision. For practice questions, you get MCQs and grand test.”

  11. Shubhangi Raj

    Shubhangi Raj

    “Content is upto the mark for the preparation, I must get it for up coming medicos”

  12. Ranit Roy

    Ranit Roy

    “It give bright future to students in making careers at low cost, every doubt easily get cleared in shopncert”

  13. Piyush Mishra

    Piyush Mishra

    “shopncert is so supportive, education quality is good and live class makes difficult subject easy and interesting”

  14. Prashant Kumar

    Prashant Kumar

    “If you want to get quality education with best guidance then choice to join shopncert”

  15. Harshit Singh

    Harshit Singh

    “Mentorship by MBBS students is great, helps lot to decide things and make right decision”

  16. Bishalakshmi Nath

    Bishalakshmi Nath

    “I do pay the gratitude to you and your efforts, team shopncert. Literally inspired a lot from you, Thank you”

  17. Vishal Kumar

    Vishal Kumar

    “All highly important and precised material for NEET is structured in a organised way. User friendly interface. Best guidance for preparation.”

  18. Mayank Yadav

    Mayank Yadav

    “Interactive learning”

  19. Anshu Kumar

    Anshu Kumar

    “Learn faster and retain more with shopncert, Thank you”

  20. Himanshu Sharma

    Himanshu Sharma

    “ELITE Plan is more than enough”

  21. Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

    “Best notes 4.0 at affordable price”

  22. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    “shopncert is dedicated to making sure students succeed, and i think that’s great”

  23. Mukesh Verma

    Mukesh Verma

    “The use of technology in the live classes enhanced the learning experience”

  24. Aarushi Kumari

    Aarushi Kumari

    “I am not the type of person who often writes reviews, but shopncert has obliged me to do so they clerify my doubts and they teach very well”

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